The Journey Begins

I’m Augustine KAMAGAIGA aka Gaston Mugagga ,an initiate of the Illuminati. I’m a Ugandan ,I live in Uganda. I’m a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Education (B. Ed) – French /Geography, and a Master’s degree in Educational management (M. Ed mgt) from Kyambogo University and  Makerere University respectively. I’m a secondary school teacher by training. I have had some refresher training in France (Université Paul Valéry à Montpellier) and in Bujumbura – Burundi (Université du Burundi). I have taught in many Schools in Uganda, including ; 1.Namilyango college 2.St.Henry’s college Kitovu 3.Makobore High school. I have also delivered part time lectures in a tertiary institution. I have a family; a wife and three children – 2 boys and a girl , the first one is already working in Kampala. Besides teaching, I’m a farmer, I supplement my salary using income from sale of farm produce; mainly bananas, coffee and milk. In a few years time, I will be retiring from service, I hope to concentrate on farming and trade in various merchandise.

Because of the passion I have for the light, I have dedicated myself to living according to the ideals of the Illuminati teachings. I have in the past one year or so, spent a considerable amount of my time on social media not only learning about the Illuminati organization, but also helping to disseminate Illuminatiam knowledge to the wider public. I’m helping folks to come to the light, though it is still a daunting task in the face of misinformation and scamming which are rampant in the Illuminati citizens outreach program. I hope to continue making my contribution to the spreading of the light, in an effort to fulfill my oath obligations – carrying out activities aimed at advancing and preserving the cause of humanity . LOVE AND LIGHT 🔺🔺🔺💯🙏👍👌





Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



  1. There is a famous Chinese saying that a journey of forty miles begins with one step. As ideas evolve, content on this blog will also evolve. I hope I will find time once in a while to share my ideas, my experiences, my observations etc with my fellow human species.

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  2. You are welcome my brother, I joined this match on the Illuminatiam journey last year, it has so far not been so smooth considering the fact that there are so many fake people who position themselves along the way ready to take away whatever little money you have on you. Besides there are those that have discouraged me and those that have been unfriendly and unhelpful as far as sharing of Illuminatiam information is concerned etc… but all these experiences are helping me to grow, since challenges help to bring out the real potential in a person. I have however educated myself alot on what needs to be done and I’m moving forward because I like what I’m doing . I’m looking forward to joining the members portal to go through the preliquisites. I’m helping many people to come to the light and to avoid being scammed, I’m learning, sharing and spreading light through the various facebook groups and twitter and so far so good. I don’t know how far for you, but I’m loving the adventure and experience, it is helping me become a better and more knowledgeable person and I’m looking forward to becoming more useful to myself and to humanity.


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